Phone in orders 714.964.8373
extra meatballs - thêm bò viên
extra tendon - thêm gân
extra vegetables - thêm rau
extra noodles - them bánh phở.75
extra meat - thêm thit 1.00
vegetables - rau  meatball - bò viên1.00

order 714.964.8373
pick up/drive thru
breakfast, lunch and dinner
home or office

We use only the finest ingredients such as European butter, French and Swiss chocolate. All of our baked products from our 5" and 10" baguettes to our cookies are made with our specialty flour. Our sweets and baked good selections range from cookies to flan. All items are available for catering.

Ice Coffee with milk

- Cà Phê Sữa đá 2.50

Iced black coffee

- cà phê đen đá 2.50

Blended ice coffee - 3.50

Add caramel or chocolate sauce for - .25

add boba or lychee jelly - .25

Pearl Milk tea - 2.50

Hot coffee or tea - 1.25

Thai ice tea - 2.50


mango, coconut, papaya, avocado, apple, banana, jackfruit, longan strawberry, orange, nectarine, pineapple

fountain drinks -

Coke, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper, Lemonade, Root Beer, Sprite

sm 1.50, lg 2.00  apple juice - 1.10
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